27 April 2021


Covid Keeps


Today we release the first edition of ‘Covid Keeps’ to encourage those struggling to train or have minimal options at home, to continue with these examples. 

In this weeks videos we introduce Melissa Tuypens-Johnen, a 5th Dan from Belgium who has been practicing the sport for 32 years alongside husband and judo instructor, Serge. Supporting her love for judo, she teaches in school as well as on the tatami.  

What was it that made you develop this material?

For a few years, I liked making videos to share my ideas with my friends. During the first confinement, I tried to find a system which allowed to practice judo. So I built « Kakashi » (my dummy). It was also to amuse the children. 

When I published a video with Facebook, Jane Bridge asked me to make video for EJU. I’m very happy for that. I used an already existing video as well as a new one.

What was the main objective of these drills and who are they aimed at? 

In the video « Shiho-Geza » the main objective is to teach the students to adopt a favourable attitude for ne-waza. It’s a video for all judokas from beginners to advanced. In both videos with the dummy, the main objective is to teach the students to feel the right tempo to attack. It’s a video for judokas from intermediates to advanced.

Would you continue this type of drilling once contact training has returned and if so, why? 

Of course I will continue it because it’s our (my husband’s and mine) daily teaching technique. All training sessions begin with this type of drilling.

We are thankful for the judo community coaches, especially those at club level who are providing much more than ‘just’ a session. It has been incredibly important for the mental health of judoka of all ages to keep in contact and to stay healthy, physically and mentally. 

Over the coming weeks we will provide more video footage from our coaches in Europe, adding to this ‘Covid Keeps’ series.

Author: Thea Cowen