18 May 2021


Covid Keeps


This week we are introducing Tatsuto Shima, who spent time coaching in Hungary and was club director of MVSC (2014-2017) as well as putting his talents to use while contributing to the coaching staff of Hungary’s youth team. Tatsuto also competed and in 2018 placed 7th in the Kodokan Cup. 

What was it that made you develop this material? 

I made it for the people who can’t practice judo in this Corona situation.

What was the main objective of these drills? 

The objective is to learn dynamic and supple movements.

Who, specifically is it aimed at?

I would say for 15 years and over.

Would you continue this type of drilling once contact training has returned and if so, why?

Yes, I would continue. I think these exercises are effective to improve and checking movements and it’s possible to do these exercises alone and anywhere.

We are grateful for Tatsuto’s contribution to this series, with experience at both club and national level coaching, providing much more than ‘just’ a session. It has been incredibly important for the mental health of judoka of all ages to keep in contact and to stay healthy, physically and mentally. 

Over the coming weeks we will provide more video footage from our coaches in Europe, adding to this ‘Covid Keeps’ series. 

Author: Thea Cowen