5 March 2011

Croatian President visits EJU Kata Demonstration

Croatian President visits EJU Kata Demonstration

On Saturday Croatian President Dr.sc Ivo Josipović visited the EJU Kata Demonstration in Zagreb. At that historical Kata Seminar organised by the EJU in cooperation with Kodokan Institute, top Croatian civil servants came together with an EJU delegation, led by president Sergey Soloveychik, as well the Kodokan delegation represented by Haruki Uemura. The Croatian Judo Federation was led by Mrs. Doc. Dr.sc Sanda Corak.

The present delegations could hear welcome speeches by EJU President Sergey Soloveychik, Kodokan President Haruki Uemura, CJF president Sanda Corak, the Croatian ambassador of Japan Yoshio Tamura and last but not least the President of the Republic of Croatia Ivo Josipović.

There was also an awarding ceremony between The Croatian Judo Federation, The Kodokan and the European Judo Union.
There was also a demonstration the Croatian armed forces. In the demonstration Ivana Maranic was present. She was 3rd at the European U20 Championships 2010 and third 3rd at the World Junior Championships 2010. Maranic was accompanied by Jurica Katic, 3rd at the European U17 Championships in 2009 and 3rd at the EYOF in 2009.

Besides the demonstration of croatia’s judo future one could also enjoy a Kata demonstration by Kodokan Sensei.
> Nage no kata by :Mr Motonari SAMESHITA 7.DAN _& Mr. Mikihiro MUKAI 6.DAN
> Kodokan Goshinjutsu : Mr. Mikihiro MUKAI 6.DAN & Mr. Michihisa DOBA 7.DAN
> Koshiki no kata: Mr. Tadashi SATO 8 DAN & mr. Nakoi MURATA 7. DAN

The delegations have also have at a private meeting with the President of the Republic.
All in all a great day for European judo and a great day for Croatian judo.

On Sunday an agreement was made up to continue the cooperation between the EJU and the Kodokan. In 2012 this EJU Kata Demonstration will be continued.

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Text and pictures by special reporter Mario Krvavac