8 July 2023


Benidorm EJU OTC 2023


During the OLYMPIC TRAINING CAMP (OTC) the top judokas don’t notice much of the tourist hustle and bustle in Benidorm. The training sessions in the super hot hall are demanding, the range of top opponents in every weight class never-ending.
A training-free afternoon brings a brief holiday mood. Especially when the EJU media team invites the participants to an exclusive boat trip to the former pirate island “Isla de Benidorm”. The mixed team Olympic champions Romane DICKO (+78), Sarah Leonie CYSIQUE (-57/both FRA), double world champion Barbara MATIC (CRO/-70), ex-vice world champion Ana PEREZ BOX (SPA/-52), world champion Francisco GARRIGOS (ESP/-60), ex-world champion Sagi Muki (ISR) and Sami CHOUCHI (BEL/both -81) followed the call.
We will launch the exclusive Benidorm Fun Video next week. As a foretaste, we bring you a short interview with Romane Dicko. The 23-year-old Frenchwoman talks about training, relaxation and holiday plans.

How much do you feel at home on a speedboat?
Romane Dicko: “I didn’t grow up by the sea like Barbara (Matic). But I love the sea, as soon as I have a spare week, I quickly fly to Spain, more precisely to Valencia. There I can not only train judo, but also relax extremely well on the beach. I’ve never been on a boat this year. I enjoy it – yes, it already passes for relaxation and a holiday mood.”

How do you relax at home in Paris?
Dicko: “I go to my mum’s (Charlotte), whenever I have a bit of time, I leave the city centre and go to her place in the suburbs. I feel super comfortable there, I can really recharge my batteries and relax. A few hours already help (laughs)….”
At the moment it’s still too early for a holiday, the main focus is on your Masters preparation for Budapest (beginning of August). When will you be able to think about a holiday?
Dicko: “Right after Budapest, after the Masters, I’ll fly with Sarah Leonie (Cysique), first to Korea for a week – with a focus on culture. Then two weeks in Australia, I was there last year and really enjoyed it… These three weeks are my last long holiday before the home games in Paris.”
The training gear comes with you though, doesn’t it?
Dicko: “Of course. I get a precise training plan from the coaches, I will do my practice programme every day. That also applies to Sarah Leonie, of course… In Paris, in front of a home crowd, we want to be top.”


Author: EJU Media