17 April 2013

Do you want to be a movie hero? EJU is looking for your story

Do you want to be a movie hero? EJU is looking for your story

Share your judo story, help others! If you are a professional athlete or you do judo for pleasure, but for you judo is not just a sport, but a philosophy, a life orientation; Judo formed you as a person and taught you to live; then this contest is for you!

Share your story with those who still can choose the path in life. The European Judo Union will create a documentary film about the lives of people for whom judo is more than a sport. If judo made you happy, overcame life’s difficulties, taught you to feel needed and motivated you to help those in need, then send us your stories. Write your life story where judo gave you the red line in life and send it by e-mail including a photo, or even pictures linked to the story: [email protected]

  Our film crew will visit the characters with the brightest destiny and they personally will be able to tell about the way of living. Every life is unique, so stories which will be not included in the film, will be published after your approval on our community website.We hope that each of you can contribute with your example to help the children and adults to find the answers to the most important questions in life. Share judo!

Watch the video teaser here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jHlsetBXi00&feature=plcp

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