2 April 2016

Documentary: Judo ... The Art of Living

Judo Documentary

Documentary: Judo ... The Art of Living

The European Judo Union takes great pleasure in being able to release a short teaser of the documentary film “Judo… The Art of Living”.

Below you can get a slight inside view of the story below.  

“If you fall seven times, get up eight times.” – Jigoro Kano

During the second half of the 19th century when Charles Darwin set out his theory of evolution which says “the greater overcome the lesser, the stronger displace the weaker, leading to the survival of the fittest.” At roughly the same time, when Jigoro Kano, the leading figure in martial arts, created judo; in which the single most important principle is the achievement of the maximum of results with the minimum of effort. If you can learn to use the philosophy of judo into your advantage than you do not have to be the strongest to survive.

Judo is proven to be precious for all involved. The reason being is because Judo can simply raise you for life. All the values which Judo carries out have crucial importance and similarities towards our day to day life without realising how powerful they are or they can be.

The EJU President Sergey Soloveychik says: “The idea to create the film “Judo. The Art of Living” was developed by the European Judo Union. The film is aimed specifically at parents of young children and teenagers. At the heart of the film’s message are real stories of the people who have been able to call on their judo skills in difficult moments of their lives in order to survive or find themselves. Nowadays sport plays an important role in how authorities and society educates an active young generation. Judo can also help parents to educate strong, healthy and respectful children.”

Such terms as politeness, courage, perseverance, concentration, sincerity, honour, modesty, respect, self-control, and friendship are all part of the judo moral code of conduct and which are also necessary key fundamentals in our day to day life. Judo, the gentle way, which for some the way of life whilst for others judo is life itself.

Judo gave hopes and life to those who have suffered. Would you imagine loosing your sight during a car-crash and have judo as your way out? Disorder, brain surgery or chemotherapy… judo defeated it all. What more? Judo saved a town of young children. The short clip below is a small teaser of the documentary which will be another proof of Judo being more than sport!

The documentary is available in Russian and in English. 
If you any questions about the documentary or you want to buy the DVD send us an email.