18 October 2021


Senior European Judo Cup & IJF-B Examination


The south of Croatia once again hosted quality judokas from 26 European countries. 266 competitors arrived in the Gospino polje hall, including 30 Croatian representatives. An excellent competition weekend for domestic team started on Saturday, when Croatian anthem was played in honor of Iva Oberan (up to 63 kg), while Tena Šikić (up to 57 kg) won bronze.

I am really overjoyed because it is always best to win gold on the home tatami. I think the first fight was the hardest for me, on the one hand a little nervous, and I also injured my shoulder a bit in the first fight so I dragged it through the whole tournament. I am overjoyed and proud that the stands listened to the Croatian anthem in my honor! – said the happy Oberan, a member of JK Župa dubrovačka.

Iva Oberan. © Tino Maric

On Sunday, the Croatian flag marked two women’s categories, up to 78 kilograms and over 78 kilograms. Gold in the category up to 78 kg was won by a member of JK Dubrovnik 1966, Petrunjela Pavić, who with this success continued a good season of appearances at European cups. In the Croatian final, she defeated Zrinka Miočić from JK Pujanke Split, while Lea Gobec (JK Zagreb) won bronze.

In the over 78 kg category, Helena Vuković (JK Profectus Samobor) reached the finals, defeated by the Frenchwoman Bastareaud in the finals. The bronze medals were won by Katarina Lucija Vuković (JK Profectus Samobor) and Tina Radić (AJK Student Split).

Dominik Družeta (JK Istarski borac Pula) had a successful return to the winning tracks in the category up to 81 kg, who celebrated in all five performances and thus continued to hone his form before the Grand Slam Baku in Azerbaijan (November 5-7). Marcel Škalec (JK Profectus Samobor) also won gold in the over 100 kg category, defeating the representatives of Italy, Great Britain and Slovenia.

Dominik Družeta. © Tino Maric

Silver was won by Karla Kulić (JK Pujanke Split) in the category up to 70 kg, winning in the first three performances, and then the Swedish Eriksson was better with the gold-worthy wazari.

Out of 26 nations, 20 of them won medals. Croatia finished the competition in first place in terms of medals won (four gold medals, three silver and four bronze), while Great Britain is second (three gold, two silver and four bronze), while Italy is third with two gold and one silver and one bronze, and the French representatives won one gold and two silver and bronze medals. 

Author: Bruno Blumenschein, Croatian Judo Federation


Author: Thea Cowen