22 January 2014

ECCO Judo Team Challenge spectacular season kickoff

ECCO Judo Team Challenge Europe vs Asia

ECCO Judo Team Challenge spectacular season kickoff

On Saturday it’s time for a big challenge. Europe challenges Asia for a unique team event. The ECCO Judo Team Challenge 2014. Again the city of Tyumen organises a major international event. Europe vs Asia will show the teams of the two best continents of

You can witness this spectacular event where team spirit, tactics and the best skills blend to the perfect mix for a great day of judo. It will be broadcasted live in the EJU TV Channel as well get international coverage in many countries around the globe. The initiative is a cooperation between European Judo Union, International Judo Federation and the Tyumen Region. End 2012 Tyumen organised a same kind of showcase in the category U66kg where local super judoka Musa Mogushkov challenged his rivals. Now it’s up to the teams. We can look forward to some great matches. Women -48kg: Alesya KUZNETSOVA (Europe) v MUNKHBAT Urantsetseg (Asia) Can the World Champion take the lead against Youngster Kuznetsova? Men -60kg: Arsen GALSTYAN (Europe) v TAKATO Naohisa (Asia) A mouthwatering line-up when Olympic champion Arsen GALSTYAN will face world champion TAKATO Naohisa for the first time in one of the most anticipated contests in the history of the -60kg category. Russian star GALSTYAN is set to return to full-time competition in 2014 after making a low-key return to action last year. Japan’s 20-year-old prodigy TAKATO went unbeaten on the World Judo Tour in 2013 as he won the Paris Grand Slam, World Judo Masters, World Championships and Tokyo Grand Slam. Women -52kg: Andreea CHITU (Europe) v HASHIMOTO Yuki (Asia) 2012 European champion Andreea CHITU will go toe-to-toe aWorld Championships bronze medallist HASHIMOTO Yuki. Men -66kg: Georgii ZANTARAIA (Europe) v Azamat MUKANOV (Asia) Always spectacular to see World championships bronze medallist Georgii ZANTARAIA who will face World Championships silver medallist Azamat MUKANOV. Women -57kg: Telma MONTEIRO (Europe) v DORJSUREN Sumiya (Asia) Four-time European champion Telma MONTEIRO challenges World Judo Masters winner DORJSUREN Sumiya. Men -73kg: Dex ELMONT (Europe) v KHASHBAATAR Tsagaanbaatar (Asia) Two great fighters who have fought eachother a few times U66kg but not yet in this category where they grow to the most challenging judoka. Women -63kg: Anicka VAN EMDEN (Europe) v ABE Kana (Asia) They know eachother well and fought for bronze at the World Championships. What’s the outcome in Tyumen this time. Abe is in the lead in their previous 3 encounters. Men -81kg: Avtandil TCHRIKISHVILI (Europe) v Yakhyo IMAMOV (Asia) World Championships silver medallist Avtandil TCHRIKISHVILI will challenge Yakhyo IMAMOV as the -81kg stars in a contest which could set the tone for the fate of the category in 2014. Women -70kg: Laura VARGAS-KOCH (Europe) v KIM Seong-Yeon (Asia) World Championships silver medallist Laura VARGAS-KOCH and World Championships bronze medallist KIM Seong-Yeon in a battle for the talent. Men -90kg: Varlam LIPARTELIANI (Europe) v LEE Kyu-Won (Asia) World Championships silver medallist Varlam LIPARTELIANI meets former world champion LEE Kyu-Won in the first senior contest between them. Women -78kg: Abigel JOO (Europe) v JEONG Gyeong-Mi (Asia) Two-time European champion Abigel JOO will renew acquaintances with Olympic bronze medallist JEONG Gyeong-Mi in Tyumen. Men -100kg: Henk GROL (Europe) v Soyib KURBONOV (Asia) Two-time Olympic bronze medallist Henk GROL has won honours on every stage in his career and will look for more success when he represents Europe against Tashkent Grand Prix winner Soyib KURBONOV. Women +78kg: Lucija POLAVDER (Europe) v LEE Jung-Eun (Asia) Beijing 2008 Olympic bronze medallist Lucija POLAVDER faces World Championships bronze medallist LEE Jung-Eun. Will it be a decisive match? Men +100kg: Alexander MIKHAYLIN (Europe) v Iurii KRAKOVETSKII (Asia) The final contest will be between Alexander MIKHAILIN and Iurii KRAKOVETSKII. The oldest of the bunch against one of the youngest. We’ll be looking forward to this and all challenges. And you be part of it! Join our broadcast Saturday at 11:00 GMT, 17:00 local Tyumen time.