6 December 2010

Education Seminars again organised in 2011

Education Seminars again organised in 2011

In 2010 the Education Sector of the EJU has been very active with new developments like creating new events for the Education Commission.
In 2011 all four Education Seminars will be organised again:
> Seminar for Teachers
> Seminar for High Grades
> Education Seminar
> Judo English

SEMINAR FOR TEACHERS, Boulouris (France) 21-25 July 2010.
Some 120 participants-Judo teachers, gathered for the Seminar in Boulouris (France-Côte d’Azur) could appreciate the interventions of two experts came from different countries: Mr. Nuno Delgado (Portugal) and Mr. Yuri Krishuk (Russia). This seminar is the first of the Teacher seminars which will be held in different European countries. The subjects treated by Mr. Delgado and Mr. Krishuk concerned the principles of Ne-Waza judo for all public and Ne-Waza judo for children.
These interventions encouraged exchanges between Judo teachers and different experts. On this occasion, Mr. Capelletti, EJU Vice-President, also presented the objectives of development of judo for adults.
The EJU Education Commission meeting took place during this seminar. It was supervised by Franco Capelletti, EJU Vice –President and Benedicte Rouby, EJU Education Director.
The wish of this Commission is to exchange pedagogical experience practiced in different European countries members of the EJU.
According to all the participants, this experience was beneficial and rewarding for teachers as well as for supervisory staff.

SEMINAR FOR HIGH GRADES ARLES (France) 28 June-3 July 2010
The EJU Seminar for High Grades, organised by the French Judo Federation took place in Arles (France) from 28 June to 3 July 2010, gathering 150 High Grades. A very good atmosphere reigned during working sessions in conference halls and on the mat around Koshiki No Kata and other judo techniques demonstrated by judo experts. High Grades from Switzerland and Germany joined to French ones to exchange experience and knowledge in different fields of judo-jujitsu, taiso, ne-waza and self defense.

An education seminar was organised on 16-17 October 2010 in Paris. The goal was to be up to date with the Didactic Program of the EJU Education Commission as well as an exchange of experiences between the Education experts of the Nations. The Seminar was a basis for the didactic activities to be developed in the near future.
Fourteen countries were represented at the Seminar. The exchange was very rich.
The Education Seminar will take place every year, at the same period.

To provide a Judo training in combination to the proven successful programme of English learning, leisure and cultural activities. The program is set in a beautiful accommodation on the coast of Malta commanding fantastic sea and country views. The duration of the course is two weeks.

Other activities
> The poster exhibition in 2011 will again be held during the European Senior Championships in Istanbul.
> The Combined Services European Championships will be organised in April 2011 with a new name: Open European Championships for Army, Police and Fire Forces.
> The EC Kata will be organised with the same formula as this year: younger and older age brackets.
> EJU Kata seminar will be organised by the EJU together with Kodokan Experts. The participants will receive the Kodokan Kata Certificate at the end of the seminar, however for only 1 Kata.
> EJU seminar for teachers will be organised in five federations. The invitation for candidature has been circulated. The deadline for the submission of the bid is the 20th of December.
> The EJU will be the intermediary for a Club Exchange for teenagers where the EJU will help to get the clubs in contact together. The clubs will then be responsible of organising the exchange.