29 April 2012

EJU Awards given out at gala diner for best performances in 2011

EJU Awards given out at gala diner for best performances in 2011

The European Judo Union’s special awards were made at a glittering gala dinner held in Chelyabinsk on the occasion of the European Judo Championships.
Among the usual crop of competition winners, were education, development, science and social inclusion awards showing the increasing awareness by the EJU of the importance of widespread recognition throughout all aspects of judo.

It was fitting that individuals such as Michael Kozlowski (BEL), Development of Education, Dr. Garcia Jose (ESP), Science Award, and Nuno Delgado (POR), Social Inclusion Project, should be honored alongside the “stars” of international competition judo such as Teddy Riner, Ilias Iliadis, Gevrise Emane, Khusen Khalmurzaev and Bernadette Graf. Also being honored were coaches, referees and long serving staff of the EJU all of whom play vital roles in supporting the EJU’s many programs.

Franco Capelletti, vice president for Education was very satisfied with the recognition at the gala for not only the athletes but also for the development of judo. “You must understand that 10% of all judoka in the world compete, 90% is doing judo for their health, balance, fitness. Jigoro Kano also didn’t start judo because of the competition, so the top sport is the top of the iceberg. Therefore I am very pleased that we also award the development of judo. Because via the federation we must develop the clubs, that is our most important mission.”

“For the future I am very happy that the EJU has a close cooperation with the Kodokan. It is essential to develop judo, not only for competition for also for the didactics. For children judo is an important sport to learn the values of life, which combines respect and health. Activities such as the Judo Family Camp where families come together to train with their children and the social inclusion project of Nuno Delgado contribute tremendously for the development of judo for children. “

Awards Overview
Male Best Judoka:

Female Best Judoka:
Gevrise EMANE (FRA)

Promising male judoka:

Promising female judoka:
Bernadette GRAF (AUT)

Best team:
Women´s team France

Best men’s coach:

Best women’s coach:
Martine DUPOND (FRA)

Best organiser:
European U23 Championships Tyumen (RUS)

Best Event:
Belgian Judo Federation

Judo Personality:

Special Award:
Matthias FISCHER (GER)

Best Male Referee:
Vladimir Vostrikov (RUS)

Female Referee:
Ioanna Babiuc ROU

Best Education Event:
Croatian Judo Federation Family Camp

Best Education Seminar:
Italian Judo Federation: “Teachers seminar”

Contribution to the Development of Education Award:

Science Award:
Dr. José GARCIA GARCIA (ESP) – poster exhibition winner

Social Inclusion Award:
Nuno DELGADO (POR) social inclusion for the project: “Achieve, collect and give back”