15 July 2012

EJU Family Camp a must do for 2013!

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EJU Family Camp a must do for 2013!

The EJU Judo and Family camp has been a great success for the participants. However the success can be much bigger with more participants. The event where judo and family time join forces was held in Porec at the coast of Croatia.

The families came from five different countries such as Italy and Russia but also a family from Hungary. Not an unknown family: The Havasi family is well known among the international referees.
Father and 4th Dan Viktor Havasi (42) enjoys the Family Camp. His family of four kids and his wife Annamaria Fridrich participates for ten years at the Family Camp in Rovinj. They participate at each edition and judo in their veins. Viktor is IJF and EJU Referee, Annamaria is also referee at that level as well as her twinsister Katalin Fridrich, all from Hungary.

Last year the Judo Family Camp was in Rovinj, this edition for the first time in Porec. The circumstances are excellent, at the coast, nice whether and a lovely family to give some quality time.
Annamaria, 3rd Dan: “We have our own club near Budapest in a small town, the Samurai Judo Club and we aways participate at these camps, the old Polary camp.” So she knows the success of spending time with the family and these them the first skills, thumbles, throws and values.

For the participation all participants received a diploma of participation by EJU Vice president and inspirator Franco Capelletti.
The Italian ninth Dan was not completely satisfied about the participation. “You can see the joy and the spirit of judo is all here. A great environment, so we wish to see more participants next year. I like the concept of the camp this way. It is about time that families spend time together in this busy society and this is an exceptional chance to do so and learn judo. It is not about training but playing, enjoying the spirit of judo while you are being taught but also entertained by great teachers such as Pavel and Yuri Krischuk from Russia and Nuno Delgado”, the 1999 European Champion and bronze medallist at the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games. “Not only Nuno who has a great experience in judo, but also in teaching children en people in general in the society the values of judo. Judo is a tool for social inclusion to give people confidence and a place in the market.”

Also on the tatami, with this family was another 2000 Olympic medallist Anatoly Laryukov from Russia. He heard from the camp via Yuri Krischuk and saw the banner at the Russian Judo Federation website. “I am technical director of the Russia Judo Federation and have ample time to spend time with my kids (he has three sons). My kids like it, I like it to be here and it’s great to stay with them in a good environment and destination in Porec for my holiday.”

The EJU is now brainstorming how to make the judo family project a little bigger without touching the principles of the family camp which was surrounded by events like mind games, games at the fantastic beach, Go Karts, water ski and guides tours to the old city of Porec. A holiday destination worth while for next year.

Pencil it in your agenda for next year’s summer vacation!

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