19 March 2013

EJU Kodokan seminar in Rome great success

EJU Kodokan seminar in Rome great success

The third edition of the EJU Kodokan Seminar included 211 participants and a specific seminar  “How to use Kata to teach Judo Club” with 100 participants. All was hosted in the Olympic Center of the Italian Judo Federation in Ostia.

Judo teachers and specialists of kata took the opportunity to follow the lessons of the Teachers of Kodokan Judo in Tokyo invited by the European Union.

15 Nations were represented on the tatami of the Palafijlkam: Argentina, Austria, Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Israel, Netherlands, Portugal, Romania, San Marino, Switzerland, Sweden, Hungary and Italy.

The delivery of certificates of participation and 108 certificates for demonstrations, printed and signed directly by the Japanese delegation of the Kodokan in Ostia, was certainly the most awaited moment. To be mentioned the two persons that achieved the high level certificate of demonstration “Jukutatsu”  form.


Ms. Martino Stefania (ITA) in Ju no Kata and Mr. Stefano Proietti (ITA) in Katame no Kata. The lessons that took place during the six day seminar attracted the attention of students, on the participation and direct involvement, to ask questions, find answers, and a very positive result.

A good result was achieved also from the Seminar “How to use Kata to teach Judo Club” led by Franco Capelletti in which also a Kodokan delegation participated. A new didactic based on the study of the techniques, using the principles (Kata), generated interest of the participating Judo Teachers and the Kodokan experts.

The Seminar was also a positive sign of the high level contribution of the Fijlkam in the organisation of the event: The structures of the Olympic Center guaranteed the functionality of the event for the entire week and a team of twenty elements worked with professionalism and efficiency.

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