15 April 2023



The closing of the EJU competition year 2023 promises to be a very special one: On the 16th of December, a new format will be presented in Pristina, Kosovo – the ‘European Championships Open’. The competition duration will be short, the prize money unusually high.

“The European Championships Open herald a new era for us in several respects: for the first time, an international judo tournament of the general class will be staged in Kosovo. The tournament is highly supported by the government. We offer a great financial incentive to our athletes, who have caused a sensation with three Olympic victories in the last few years. Athletes/trainers can expect 150,000 euros per weight class – that’s a huge step by judo standards,” affirms Agron KUKA, President of the Kosovo Judo Federation. “Judo has long been a national sport here. What we have been missing so far is a home tournament where our top stars can show themselves in front of a home crowd. It’s high time we changed that.”

Key facts:

The new Open format will be staged on one day (December 16th).

There will be two weight classes (chosen by local organizer): -57kg and -73kg.

The total prize money for athletes and coaches is €300,000.

The organiser Kosovo has the right to provide 2 starters per weight category. For all other nations: only 1 competitor per weight category.

“With this European Championships Open we want to create a new, audience-friendly format and offer an additional incentive for our top aces. We want to offer up to two tournaments of this kind per year in the future,” says EJU President László TOTH.

Author: EJU Media