19 August 2013

EJU launches [email protected] Project

Many countries already activated cooperation

EJU launches Judo@School Project

The EJU has launched the project: Judo at School.
In an effort to continue to bring the sport of Judo to a greater number of people and continuing its commitment to making our sport even bigger, the EJU introduces the project to the national federations. The Project already started in a number of National federations where an memorandum of understanding was signed between the EJU and the Federation. Also Ministries and Universities are and will be involved in the memorandum. The combination of EJU, Federation and Ministry will power the project in each country.
Also in some countries individual projects already exist at city or regional level.

Through this project the EJU, plans to invite and include Judo in the list of school sports. The EJU aims to intregrate judo at school, especially for children between 6-8 years who can enjoy the benefits of judo during school hours.