23 May 2012

EJU OTC “Going For Gold” Antalya in great condition

OTC "Going for Gold"

EJU OTC “Going For Gold” Antalya in great condition

Until the 24th of May the sport Center of Limak Limra Hotel in Kemer in Antalya is the home of the elite judoka from 22 nations for the EJU OTC. Approximately 170 competitors (50 women), are matching their skills, strenght and endurance in a daily randori practice. Completed by coaches, medical staff, physios, etc. the total number of 250 participants are present for the first OTC in Antalya.

In this OTC also Tunisia, Morocco, Saudia Arabia,Turkmenistan and Algeria are participating.
The paralympic teams of Turkey, Ukraine and Russia are also present at the OTC in Antalya.

The Turkish Judo Federation is organising the “OTC, Going for Gold”.
The OTC was opened by EJU Sport Commissioner Mr. Alexander Jatskevitch, EJU Referee Commission member Mr. Bernd Achilles and Organizing Director Mr. Mehmet Yılmaz.

Mr Jatskevich gave the all athletes, coachs, referees best regards of EJU President Sergey Soloveychik. And wished success to all for participants at the Olympic Games and the OTC.

Referee director assistant Bernd Achilles mentioned: “we are here with five Olympic referees: Franck Ocko, Andreas Hempel, Vladimir Vostrikov, Manuel Cortes and Mrs. Ioana Babiuc to learn and share answers on all your questions.”

Mehmet Yılmaz president Mr. Fatih Uysal of the Turkish Judo federation thanked and welcomed all participants and wished them success for this OTC and the Olympic Games in London and wish to see all back again in Antalya next time.

Meanwhile the OTC is running well and facilitated by a five star hotel and nice weather conditions in Kemer-Antalya, this is a great place to prepare and train. Yilmaz: “All the participants have a nice atmosphere after a hard training to relax on the beach and great facilities.”

The last OTC “Going for Gold” before Olympic Games, will be held in Minsk, starting from the 11th of June.

Watch the participants list below.

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