29 April 2012

EJU presents new Tatami Suppliers to National Federations

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EJU presents new Tatami Suppliers to National Federations

On Saturday new Tatami sponsors were welcomed by EJU President Sergey Soloveychik and Vice President Marketing Otto Kneitinger. The new Tatami Masters Suppliers could present themselves to the National Federation presidents and exchange information. EJU Treasurer Laszlo Tóth signed the contracts as well with the new partners.

The EJU is proud to present its new Tatami Master Suppliers in Chelyabinsk and to the national federations.

> New Tatami Master Supplier of the EJU.
> Based in Russia
> Strong in tatami production for martial arts sports such as Boxing, Karate, Sambo and Judo.
> Very attractive pricing for the Russian market.

> New Tatami Master Supplier of the EJU.
> Based in Italy
> Very active in automotive and in various sports sports such as gymnastics, fitness and various martial arts.
> Developed a new and light tatami with special surface, pwc free.

EJU President Soloveychik wished the companies success with the sales and welcomed the new partners of the EJU.

Also SFJAM Noris Sports was able to present itself as new Tatami Top Supplier.

SFJAM Noris Sports
> New Tatami Top Supplier of the EJU.
> Based in France
> Represented by former European medallist Jacques Noris (1963-1965), producer of tatami for 35 years and supplier of European, World and Olympic tatami.

All new partners were guest at the European Championships Chelyabinsk and signed the contracts with the EJU executives.

After the presentations the suppliers shared information with the potential customers. Vice President Marketing Otto Kneitinger stated that for EJU events only partners of the EJU can deliver tatami. All contracts are signed for period of one year and will be entered any convenient time within three months to give the National federations organising EJU events within 3 months the opportunity to order mats.

The EJU is also going to sign a contract with Judogi Official Supplier Hiku of Switzerland. They have already been announced as new partner of the EJU.

Watch all partners here:

Watch the photos of the supplier meeting here:

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