20 August 2011

EJU President presents European developments at IJF congress

EJU President presents European developments at IJF congress

At the IJF Ordinary Congress held on Saturday in Paris EJU President Sergey Solovyechik presented the developments of the European Judo Union in front of the world’s presidents and IJF board.

The president expressed his proud that the EJU is dedicated and has a professional team that booked progress in many ways. Soloveychik was proud to show a map with all events that will be held in Europe in 2012 which shows the wide spread activities of the EJU with a healthy financial situation with a growing number of sponsors and partners.

Besides 6 European Championships and 14 World Cups the EJU organises 32 European Cups in various age groups and 38 Training camps. The president stated he was proud on the developments with the OTC going for gold which supports European athletes to train at high level to prepare for the Olympic programme and Olympic Games as final goal.

Soloveychik also mentioned all activities of the Education Sector.
‘Our seminars for coaches and referees provides more knowledge to participants and in general the Education sector activities are numerous. We organise Veteran European Championships, a very successful European Championships for Army, Police and Fire Forces, Kata Demonstration with the Kodokan held in Kodokan so that participants don’t have to visit Japan to get their Kodokan certificate.’
EJU organises a lot of seminars for teachers, for coaches and referees and kata judges and addressed wider spread activities like Judo Family Camp and Judo English.

The marketing department has achieved to show the EJU face to partners and sponsors and expects to benefit from that in the future. A uniform face at events and online a vast growing number of fans who visit the this website massively with more than 5.6 million page views and 1.4 million visitors in one year and use our updates activities on Twitter and Facebook.

President Soloveychik thanked the sponsors and partners as well as the national federations for the good and productive cooperation.