22 April 2013

EJU President Soloveychik: Europe best continent in the world

EJU President Soloveychik: Europe best continent in the world

The European Judo Union (EJU) celebrating its 65 th anniversary this year and the Hungarian Judo Association (MJSZ) organize together Hungary’s most prestigious sport event of 2013, the Adidas Judo European Championships between 25 and 28 April in the Papp László Budapest Sportaréna. 410 judokas will take part in the event from 42 countries.

Sergey Soloveychik, President of European Judo Union, dr. István Simicskó, Secretary of State, Honorary President of the European Championships, dr. László Tóth, President of the Hungarian Judo Association and the LOC, Bence Szabó, General Secretary of Hungarian Olympic Committee, Zoltán Péter Nagy, Marketing Director of OTP Bank, Hans van Essen, Media Director of European Judo Union, András Nagy, Head Coach of Hungarian Judo Association took part in the Official Press Conference of the European Championships on Friday. Moreover, the Hungarian National Judo Team, the future stars and their coaches also were there at the PC.

Europe is the most successful continent

Sergey Soloveychik, President of EJU opened the Press Conference. He highlighted that the European Judo Family reached huge success, at the London Olympics Europe was the most successful continent in judo. The president shared his thoughts about the work of the LOC: he told that their situation is difficult because last year Chelyabinsk  (Russia) organized such a wonderful EC on the highest level, with a gigantic budget. But as he saw the hard work of the Hungarian LOC, he hopes that next week there will be a judo festival in Budapest as well.


Dr. István Simicskó, Secretary of State emphasized that the government’s priority is to improve the national sport, this year the Hungarian sport will receive such a huge amount of money as a support that it has never ever got before. The judo is one of the beneficiaries. Knowing the results of the last period, it is absolutely deserved.

Dr. László Tóth, President of the Hungarian Judo Association mentioned first that because of the successful performences in London judo is getting more and more popular in Hungary, the organization of the EC in 2013 is a result of the long-term plan. 

„The Hungarian Judo is still rising, our social recognition is growing day by day, and a successful European Championships also can help a lot. From June 2013 the judo will receive the mentioned support from the state, I would like to thank again to the Hungarian government. This amount is about 1 billion HUF, from this money we can develop, buy new properties, improve our youth education, the aspects of students’ sport etc. I hope the EC will be the real festival of judo. I also hope that we can create the same wonderful atmosphere that we could experience at the Ice Hockey Division 1 World Championships.”

Bence Szabó, General Secretary of the Hungarian Olympic Committee emphasized the Hungarian judokas great results, mentioned that the support could help the Hungarian judo to rise upper.

1650 euro for the most beautiful IPPON

Zoltán Péter Nagy, Marketing Director of OTP Bank announced that beside the sponsorship they want to motivate the Hungarian judokas, so they offered a special award: for the most wonderful Hungarian Ippon they give 1650 EUR.

Sergey Soloveychik also mentioned that regarding the EC in Budapest they organise a prestigious gala, on the occasion the 65th anniversary of EJU, and with the 29 medals won in London, Europe is the most successful continent ever. At the gala, the most glorious judokas, coaches, events, juries will be rewarded. 

Hans van Essen, Media Director of EJU praised the activity of the Hungarian press, he told that beside the Host Broadcaster MTVA, more than 200 media representatives registered for the EC.  About the Press Conference he mentioned: he has never ever experienced such a huge interest at judo Press Conferences so far.

4 Olympic champions (the French Riner, the Georgian Shavdatuasvili, the Greek Iliadis and the Belarus Makarov), 12 London 2012 medalists (Riner, Shavdatuasvili, Iliadis, the French Pavia, Tcheumeo and Gneto, the Dutch Grol and Bosch (takes part in the team event), the Belgian Van Snick, the Romanian Caprioriu, and Hungarian Olympic Games bronze medalsists, Miklós Ungvári and Éva Csernoviczki

4 Defending European Champions:

 Abigél Joó, the Georgian Liparteliani, the Romanian Chitu and the Portuguese Monteiro. Moreover, 6 No. 1 on the world ranking (the French Riner, Pavia and Larose, Kelmendi from Kosovo, the Czech Krpalek and the Georgian Liparteliani) will taking part in the European Championships in Budapest next week.