13 December 2023


European Club Championships - Champions League


In the 2023 European Club Championships in Belgrade, the EJU Fair Play stand was operated from the beginning of the competition. As many kids arrived, the stand was extremely popular, even for children and accompanying trainers and parents.

There were two options. One was a Judo questionnaire, those who filled it in, received a Red Star (Crvena Zvezda) judo T-shirt. Another option was to take a photo with the Fair Play Roll-ups, or flag, these children got an EJU backpack. In the end, several photos were taken with many kids.

“Promotion of the Fair Play values is of utmost importance for EJU and for judo society. Judo is a well-known sport about the sportsmanship, respect and care – one word about Fair Play. Young generation have to meet once with the expression then they will be familiar with it. When they are in such a situation, they can remember and act accordingly.” – said Gabor Deregan, Co-Chair of the EJU Fair Play Commission. “Belgrade was an excellent host for Fair Play, it was our pleasure to meet with the young judokas and their trainers.” – closed his summary Mr. Deregan, who is the Executive Director of the IOC Recognised Organisation, the International Fair Play Committee as well.

EJU submitted a Call for Fair Play nominations at the end of each season. Anybody could send nominations to us, and then the EJU Fair Play Commission decides who will be the Fair Play Awardee, like Denis Vieru in 2022. 

This was also a popular event during the European Club Championships in Gori, Georgia in 2022 and will undoubtedly continue to be, supporting one of the core values of judo.

Author: EJU Media