8 September 2012

EJU provides statistical analyses of Olympic Games

EJU provides statistical analyses of Olympic Games

The European Judo Union has produced a statistical analyses of the Olympic Games. It consists of two analysis.The first part as pure technical analysis and the second part is more relevant for refereeing and medical matters. The analysis is done for the women’s tournament, the men will follow.
Regarding the statistical analysis we can see the techniques used during the Olympic tournament for women. Most used technique at Nage Waza is Uchimata. Ippon Seoi Nage and Morote have also been used a lot. Koshi Waza and Te Waza are by far the most used family techniques.
Ne Waza most matches were decided by Osae Komi (47%) and Kwansetsu (30%).

The refereeing part is also very interesting where judoka can see who gives the most penalties. Only five hansumake were needed to decide the match. In total 219 penalties were given. At the Olympic Games Europe was represented by nine referees, and they are not in the top list of most penalties in the women’s tournament. Two referees from Europe were female: Cathy Mouette (FRA) and Ioana Babiuc (ROU). Fifteen matches were decided by hantei, 70 ippon scores were achieved. Seven of them in the golden score.

The main reason for getting medical attention was due to an injury in the face (67%).

All these statistics can be found in the download below.

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