18 October 2022


Malaga EJU Training Camp 2022


During last weekend the EJU Refereeing and Coaching Seminar was held following the Senior European Cup in Malaga, traditionally after most of the tournaments it was time for Training Camp. It was another great chance for the athletes competing a few days ago to improve their skills with their peers from previous days, but also for the coaches to gather more updates for their competitors after the recent World Championships in Tashkent.

Two days were reserved for referee and coaching seminar led by Franky DE MOOR – Head Refereeing Commissioner and Albert GMENIER – Sport Commissioner. Why working on a daily basis with coaches is so important for our sport, Franky DE MOOR explained it to us;

Sometimes we realize that coaches are not fully aware of the details of the rules, that’s the reason why we attend at each Olympic Training Camp and Training Camps to do training sessions as well as the theoretical part with prepared set of video materials.

Therefore we give lot of attention to the basic rules and explain it as much as possible. It is very important that the coach brings the knowledge of refereeing to their athletes, but we see that still lot of hansokumake’s are given for diving or head-touch and rules are really clear about such actions.

Of course sport and refereeing doesn’t add one without other, very experienced with organizing training camps for a long time, Gmeiner added;

This is a very good project to get athletes, coaches and referees together in one place as they could get ‘first hand information’ from referee directors, top referees and sport directors. We also had this in the past, but not so often, but now when we do it more and more improvement is visible in all areas.

Author: Mario Krvavac