14 October 2010

EJU Sports Director Densign White unveils ambitious OTC plans

EJU Sports Director Densign White unveils ambitious OTC plans

The European Judo Union has embarked on a new concept of Olympic Training Camps (OTC) which started in April of this year in the British Judo Performance Institute (BJPI) in Dartford UK and was followed by a second camp in Orenburg, Russia. The plan in 2011 is to roll out another eight camps across Europe and this number is not fixed.
Sports Director Densign White: “If there are countries who are able to organise similar camps please contact me as soon as possible.”

email: [email protected]

The concept of the OTC is different from the camps established over the past ten years in that the emphasis is not only on randori practice but to also help our athletes and coaches in their preparation and planning for major events building of course up to London 2012.

White: “The EJU recognises that there are a number of judoka, especially from developing countries, inside the EJU territories who have limited access to high level facilities. Quality coaching and advice and information on the latest rules changes are a necessity.”

The OTC will offer this information to the athletes and their coaches delivered by a member of the EJU referee commission who will be in attendance at each of the camps. This will be achieved by interactive group meetings and practical exercises. OTCs will also need to offer strength and conditioning possibilities and medical support.

The EJU will provide a subsidy for the top 3 athletes from the World Ranking List. This list will be announced soon.

Sports Director White: “The EJU coaches commission (*), which was formed earlier this year, has a critical role in the success of the OTC and we would encourage all coaches to work with your commissioners and to give feedback because we are striving to give you a positive experience that will ultimately lead to Olympic success for all of our EJU family members.”
“The close working collaboration between referees and coaches is as important to success on the tatami as all of the physical preparation and that is why in addition to the OTC concept we will continue to have a joint referee and coach seminar next year again.”

The OTC starts in Madrid 18th October and is open to all EJU athletes.

White added: “Thank you all for your support so far and I am sure that by working together we can all achieve our dreams and aspirations for London in 2012.”

(*) coach commission members are:
Ezio Gamba (RUS)
Maarten Arens (NED)
Patrick Roux (GBR)
Joaquin Ruiz (SPA)
Detlef Ultsch (GER)

Contact data of the commission members can be found here: