18 March 2010

EJU welcomes 7,000th member of the community

EJU welcomes 7,000th member of the community

Surprised he was, Alko Hofstee, our 7,000th member of our community !
The 16-year old Dutch judoka is extremely interested in international judo because he participates in international tournaments as well. Hofstee participates in the U60kg class.

He’s looking forward to next weekend’s Bremen Masters, the traditional strong international cadet and junior event.
Last year he won a bronze medal at the Flanders Cup in Belgium as only Dutchman. Also he was a welcome member in team championships. But at the Dutch Championships U20 he had a bad day, so didn’t perform the way he expected. But Hofstee is still young.

He found the EJU website via the popular facebook community that many international judoka use for their social chats and whereabouts.

One of his major idols is Ruben Houkes. “He became world champion of course, but he always had to lose a lot of weight, and I recognise the problem by myself, so I respect his performance.”

We’ll send Alko our official Media Guide with lots of profiles of international judoka.
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