15 June 2022


EJU Extraordinary Congress


Friday, 17th of June, is a truly important day for European Judo as well as the European Judo Union. The EJU Extraordinary Congress is taking place in the afternoon in Vienna (5 p.m., MEZ). Three elections are on the agenda: 1) Election of the EJU President and his (Executive Committee) team, 2) Election of the EJU General Secretary, 3) Election of the EJU General Treasurer. The sole candidates are: President: Laszlo Toth (HUN), General Secretary: Martin Poiger (AUT), General Treasurer: Envic Galea (MLT). Executive Committee team: Otto Kneitinger (GER), Senior Vice President/Vice President Marketing, Hrvoje Lindi (CRO), Vice President Sport, Sergei Aschwanden (SUI), Vice President Education, Catarina Rodrigues (POR), Head Sport Director, Sezer Huysuz (TUR), Sport Director, Agron Kuka (KOS), Sport Director, Urska Zolnir Jugovar (SLO), Sport Director, Alexandr Jatskevitch (LAT), Refereeing Director, Alexandr Nagibin (UKR), Marketing Director, Jacek Zawadka (POL), Marketing Director, Ronnie Saez (GBR), Education Director, Kristiina Pekkola (SWE), Education Director, Moshe Ponte (ISR), Development Director.

Facts & Figures about the European Judo Union Extraordinary Congress, 17th of June 2022, Vienna:

Author: EJU Media