25 November 2020



On November 8th, 2020 the reporting-election congress of the Georgian Judo Federation, due to the pandemic in the country, was held in the open at the Judo Academy in compliance with health authority regulations.

Out of 55 delegates, 45 attended the congress. The President of the Federation, Giorgi Atabegashvili, spoke about his work during his presidency and resigned, but soon the congress delegates unanimously supported the only candidate Giorgi Atabegashvili for the post of President of the federation and elected him for another four-year term. The re-elected Atabegashvili then introduced the Vice-Presidents, the Secretary-General, and the members of the Executive Committee. The delegates unanimously approved the submitted composition.

Giorgi Atabegashvili © Sören Starke

Executive Board

Mr. Giorgi Atabegashvili – President
Mr. David Kevkhishvili – First Vice President
Mr. Zaza Gulbiani – Vice President
Mr. Zakro Kevlishvili- Vice President
Mr. Tamaz Naveriani – Vice President
Mr Cesar Chocheli – Vice President
Ms. Levan Nozadze – General Secretary

Author: Sören Starke