28 August 2015


World Championships


Emane GEVRISE (FRA) -70kg GOLD medallist

“I feel really great to win my third title and I didn’t expect at all to win the final so quickly. Last year I wasn’t even sure if I would continue judo and now I am the World Champion. I am really happy.”

Kirill Denisov (RUS) -90kg SILVER medallist

“I feel more certain and stronger, to tell you the truth, I woke up this morning and I was sure that I would win gold. I was very well prepared and I think I am one of the strongest now in -90 kg. Silver is good but I am really upset because it’s actually my last World Championships, and it’s my 6th WCh, so I was ready and it was a pity to miss one score in the final.”

“First fight today with the Brazilian (the World Champion of 2007) was especially hard for me. Everything was burning after this fight: feet, hands, throat.”

“Gwak is a good fighter, I guess now he is stronger than Iliadis, he fully deserves this gold medal, and I am sure I will meet him in finals and semi-finals. He is the most hopeful candidate for the Olympic medal.”

“In 2009 I won my first medal at a world championships. Then I also lost to a Korean. Koreans won’t let me win gold! Now I was more calm and confident but I wish I had won gold.”

“It is not important if I won my silver medal by ippons or by shidos. Everyone remembers medals, not ippons, and this desire to see ippons usually puts athletes in stress. The result is most important because there is the responsibility of the World Championships.”

Anamari VELENSEK (SLO) -78kg SILVER medallist

“I have mixed feelings. I am happy with the silver but of course I wanted to win the gold medal. When we fell to the tatami down I thought the referee would call matte but it never happened and that cost me the fight. It is always better to end the day with a winning fight but it just wasn’t the case today.”

Maria BERNABEU (ESP) -70kg SILVER medallist

“I felt in really good form from the first fight and after defeating Kim Polling I knew today would be my day. I am pleased with the silver but of course I would have liked to have given a better performance in the final, but unfortunately I didn’t have a chance for that today.”

Fanny Estelle POSVITE (FRA) -70kg BRONZE medallist

“My hardest fight today was against Bernadette GRAF (AUT) to whom I lost to earlier but now I am really happy winning a bronze at my second ever World Championships. Before the bronze medal contest all I could think of was my family and my coach and all the hard work I put into this and now its all paid off.”

Varlam LIPARTELIANI (GEO) -90kg BRONZE medallist

“I’m not happy because I always wanted to win the gold medal and bronze just isn’t the same. However, in judo sometimes you win gold, silver or bronze. I think today I had a good chance to win the world championships but it didn’t happen… Regarding the bronze contest: it is always difficult to fight against your team-mate as we do exactly the same training program and we know each other’s styles very well so it was always going to be difficult.”

Marhinde VERKERK (NED) -78kg BRONZE medallist

“I had a very tough day because I suffered a knee injury last year six weeks before last year’s world championships. I was unable to do any judo for six months after that injury and not until after eight months was I able to compete again and now it is a great moment to win bronze. This is a stepping stone for the Olympics and next year I want to get higher on the podium.”

Luise MALZAHN (GER) -78kg BRONZE medallist

“During my first fight I felt really out of shape but fight by fight it changed and I started to feel better and better. Last year I was just like a wild-card at the World Championships but now I am amongst the ones on the podium. Now I just have to stay focused and continue training hard.”