26 July 2012

Europe example of good refereeing

Europe example of good refereeing

Not just judoka are aiming for top performances and peaking at the right moment, also referees have qualified and must be at their best of their career. The best judoka should win at the Olympic Games and at each event. Each referee or interested judo fan can download the referee classification in our services links in our homepage. The Olympic Games is also the highlight for referees and Europe sets the tone with an outstanding level.

The referees for the 2012 Olympic Games in London have been selected via a thorough process. In Europe, nine referees have been selected, two women among them; Cathy Mouette from France and Ioana Babiuc of Romania. European Referee Director Jan Snijders is pleased with the number and quality of referees from Europe attending at the Games. “I am very satisfied with the way the referees are developing. Europe is leading in the world and the number of referees from our continent is typical of the professional way we would like to become the standard in the world. However Europe is leading and it pleases me that two women have been selected. Cathy Mouette was last year the best female referee in Europe and we are also proud of having Ioana Babiuc in the team. I can say that she was the best referee this year. She was chosen best female referee in Europe, but she may have been the best referee in general.”

“Vladimir Vostrikov (RUS) also deserves an extra attention, also he is very qualified for the job and was chosen as best male referee of 2011 in Europe.”
Among the referees some former top athletes such as Ben Spijkers, 2nd at the World Championships 1989 and Olympic medallist in 1988, Massimo Sulli of Italy who competed at many events and won two hands of national titles. Franc Ocko of Slovenia was a European Junior Champion and attended at various European Championships.

Snijders, who was among the team of decision makers who was selected for the Games in joint cooperation with IJF Head Referee director Juan Barcos (ESP)as well with the IJF referee commission, responds to the suggestion. “Not all top athletes are top referees. Actually it is not decisive, everyone knows judo, but how do you adjust to the rules, in what way can you be an example, how do you communicate outside the tatami and at the tatami. Do you have the essential language skills. Can you make the decisions under pressure? All competences that these international referees have and where they outperform”

In Europe Snijders is assisted by the referee commission, led by Snijders’ assistant Bernd Achilles (GER) who masters all statistics for each event. Snijders: ”The referees are all judged themselves as well. Ofcourse we want the best at the Games, also they have to qualify and to train. To improve themselves and respond to the changes we have gone through last years. These nine have done an excellent job and will facilitate one thing: the best judoka must win.”

All selected referees attended the European Senior Championships this year as well which was the top event in Europe. Snijders was happy that the fantastic environment and the excellent judo was the talk of the day. No bad decisions, good judo and the stats showed many Ippon scores. That pleases us” Snijders added.

The following European referees have been selected for the 2012 London Olympic Games:
Vladimir Hnidka (CZE)
Jose Manuel Cortes (ESP)
Cathy Mouette (FRA)
Andreas Hempel (GER)
Massimo Sulli (ITA)
Ben Spijkers (NED)
Ioana Babiuc (ROU)
Vladimir Vostrikov (RUS)
Franc Ocko (SLO)

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