14 August 2011

Europe gains market share at World Cadet Championships

Europe gains market share at World Cadet Championships

Georgia had a great day at the World Cadet Championships by taking both gold and silver in a Georgian final U90kg. Guram Tushishvili took the world title against Shalva Chocheli. Georgian Chocheli, who was by far the favourite, defeated Tushishvili at the Georgian National Cadet Championships as well as in the final of the European Cup for Cadets in Kiev in April. This time the 3 months older Tushishvili collected the world title. Chocheli also lost the European final against Glebs Talalujevs two months ago.

In the men’s heavyweight category Japan’s Kensuke Tasaki took the gold medal in the final against Ukrainian Sergii Zvieriev. Unfortunately for the homecrowd the Ukraine lost its third final, but still looking back to a great performance of the youth team.
Two Russians won bronze: Alexey Sapunov and European Champion Oleg Abaev who seemed to invincible this season. Abaev however lost to World Champion Tasaki.

In the young women’s U70kg category French Adeline Bordat. 16-Year Bordat defeated Japanese Mako Enda in the final. In the field a variety of nations from various continents with two Asians on stage and Ponce from Argentina. Top eight was completed by judoka from Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Australia and The Netherlands.

Japan won the heavyweight category in Kiev by Sara Asahina. The Ukraine had strong papers with European medallists Kalanina and Turchyn. Kalanina lost the final, European Champion Turchyn finished third this time.
Roudelie Caroly who was runner-up in Malta’s European Championships now won bronze.

Japan won seven gold medals, even one more than in the previous 2009 edition in Budapest. Russia finished second with 10 medals in total and three new World Champions as best performing European nation. Two years ago Russia collected five world titles.
Despite Japan’s dominance not many Asian medals, one surprise silver by Chinese Taipei but Europe gained more market share compared to 2009.

Europe won 43 medals in total, Asia 17 against 23 in 2009. Asia celebrates seven new world champions, all from Japan, Europe 8. Brazil and Argentina won 4 medals to represent Pan America’s, one less than 2 years ago.
Seven more medals for Europe balancing Japan’s strong outlook for future success.