21 June 2012

European Cadet title good motivation for starting career

European Cadet title good motivation for starting career

In total 13 judoka have won two European cadet titles. Last year in Cottanera (Malta) Irina Dolgova (RUS) prolonged her title.

The youngest champion was 14 last year (Igor Igolnikov, RUS), this year in Montenegro we also have many participants of 14 year. Too early to peak at the Olympic Games of 2016, but there are some young examples of successful young judoka who later became Olympic Champion. Enough motivation to give the best at this 2012 Championship.

Greek World and Olympic champion Ilias Iliadis was European Cadet champion in 2002. Olympic Champion Elnur Mammadli (AZE) was champion in 2004 and won the Olympic title in 2008. Many European senior Champions like Nataliya Kuzyutina (RUS), Arsen Galstyan (RUS) and Anett Meszaros (HUN) took the Cadet title in their early career.

In the past this Cadet Championships were held in the sixties and seventies. Famous cadet champions of that time were Jean Luc Rouge (FRA), Angelo Parisi (FRA) and Neil Adams (GBR).

Previous double winners
Abbie Cunningham (GBR) 2002, 2003
Esther Stam (NED) 2002, 2003
Elshan Karimov (AZE) 2003, 2004
Natalia Kuzyutina (RUS) 2004, 2005
Hedvig Karakas (HUN) 2005, 2006
Barbara Maros (HUN) 2006, 2007
Sarkhan Akhmadov (AZE) 2006, 2007
Shamil Magomedov (RUS) 2007, 2008
Arbi Khamkhoev (RUS) 2008, 2009
Sakhavat Gadzhiev (RUS) 2009, 2010
Odette Giuffrida (ITA) 2009, 2010
Nataliya Ilkiv (UKR) 2009, 2010
Irina Dolgova (RUS) 2010, 2011

Photo Iliadis at the 2004 Olympic Games by Reuters