9 November 2011

European veteran Championships starting in Leibnitz

European veteran Championships starting in Leibnitz

From 10-13 November Leibnitz is the host of the European Veteran Championships. 700 judoka from 35 nations will collect the medals in 11 age categories starting from 30-35 years.
After the European Cadet Championships in 2005, the European U23 in 2007 and European Senior Championships in 2010, the Austrian Judo Federation hosts its sixth European championship in six years time.
Austria is in a great mood giving the fantastic gold medal of last weekend at the World Junior Championships in South Africa by Bernadette Graf.

The age categories for the Veteran Championships are divided of each four years starting from 30 years for both men as women until +81 years.

On Thursday the age from 51-81 is taking place, on Friday the category 30-40 years. On Saturday 41-50 years and on Sunday the team event will take place.
Each day will start at 10.00 o’clock CET and the final block at 17.00 o’clock.

The Russians, who have an own veteran federation will come with a lot of judoka as well as the French and obviously Austrian judoka.

Austria is an active federation and is keen on being even more active in the organisation of championships. Besides the World Cup in Oberwart, the European Cup for Juniors in Oberwart and the training camp in Mittersil, the federation is offering to organise more international training camps as well as seminars for trainers and referees. The Austrian Judo Federation is happy to host the EJU Directing Committee meeting as well this week which gives the opportunity to showcase the OEJV activities.

Enjoy the European Veteran Championships covered at the EJU webpage.

Watch all photos of the first day here:

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