12 May 2023



Though the countdown has already begun for the European Games 2023, with kick off scheduled on the 21st of June, the European Games Mixed Team event in judo will take place a week later on the 1st of July. This event is arguably the most exciting as far as prime events go, the team spirit and support embodies the judo values and win or lose the teams stand together. France will come in as the defending champions, and with such a strong line up, who dares to take them down?

With 50 days to go, we look forward to the Olympic qualification event that will be held in the Krynica-Zdroj Arena. The one day event will bring together the many strong European teams, three of which made it on to the Olympic podium in Tokyo. Winning the entire event, the first of it’s kind, was the team of France. Joining them on the podium were Israel and Germany. In Krynica-Zdroj there will be a total of 264 athletes from 22 countries vying for the European title.

Buy tickets for the European Games via the event website.

Author: Thea Cowen