28 December 2015


Judo Festival 2016 Porec


We have discovered some very attractive opportunities which will be on offer at the 2016 Judo Festival in Porec, Croatia. However, this is not it yet. Besides all the appealing activities, visitors will have the opportunity to meet some of their Judo heroes and will be given the opportunity to train with many. How?! We are about to reveal…

The Olympic Training Camp (OTC) ‘Going for Gold’ is always part of the program whilst the Judo Festival is taking place. Next year, there will be no difference. The OTC brings an other part of the judo family together which includes all the best level athletes, not only from Europe but from all over the World. During this crucial gathering for all the elites, there will be a Judo Animation Zone in place where all children who are on holiday and young judoka train together and have fun on the mat whilst they discover some of the core principals of judo like respect and friendship. During this period of time, every day some of the best athletes will spread their judo spirit alongside their outstanding knowledge to entertain all who come along.

Ilias ILIADIS (GRE) – Olympic Champion (2004) & Olympic Bronze medalllist (2012)

“Everyone must come to this training camp at the Judo Festival.”

Yarden GERBI (ISR) – World Champion (2013)

“You have the best opportunities here. The best recovery, the best tatami, the best training camp.”

UNGVARI Miklos (HUN) – Olympic Silver medallist (2012)

“The training camp during the Judo Festival is the best. Sure, next year I will be back. See you all.”

Varlam LIPARTELIANI (GEO) – Triple Wolrd Championships medallist (2013,2014,2015)

“Whoever likes Judo, the Judo Festival is the best place to be in the World.”

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