15 January 2024



In an era marked by global connectivity and the pursuit of knowledge, the European Union’s Erasmus+ program stands as a beacon of educational enrichment and cross-cultural exchange. Among its diverse offerings, the “How to: Erasmus+” e-Learning Course, designed by the EJU education commission, emerges as a platform, weaving the fabric of international collaboration in education. This course is aimed at National Federations, Club-Managers and Coaches.

The course provides a unique opportunity to gain insights into the possibilities of the Erasmus+ Program. Participants broaden their horizons and acquire a global perspective, enhancing their understanding of international affairs and will get to know different aspects of the program.

One of the jewels in the Erasmus+ e-Learning Course is the networking potential it offers. Participants have the chance to connect with peers, educators, and professionals from various corners of the world. Collaborative projects and discussions within the course create a vibrant community, fostering lasting relationships and partnerships and help to connect to possible Project-Partners in the future.

Furthermore Participants can share best practices, innovative teaching methods, and the latest trends in their respective fields. So the course becomes a melting pot of ideas, enriching the learning experience for everyone involved. Upon successful completion of the Erasmus+ e-Learning Course, participants receive a certificate. This recognition not only validates their commitment to continuous learning but also serves as a testament to their international exposure and understanding.

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Author: EJU Media