23 July 2015




The 2015 European Youth Olympic Festival (EYOF) fast approaching. With 3 days left to go until the Opening Ceremony [Sunday, July 26], delegations from 50 countries started to make their way to the capital of Georgia, Tbilisi. The total number of 44 nations will be involved in the Judo events.

Up on arrival, all the participants of the EYOF 2105 will be accommodated at the Athletes’ Village which is located near the Tbilisi Sea. The Atheltes’ Village has 9 blocks with 31 entrances. Athletes and officials will be accommodated at fully equipped apartments. A fun zone will also be allocated within the Athletes’ Village and the area will offer the multiple active and relaxing activities for spending free time.

The official mascot of the EYOF called P.E.A.K.Y. There is a two-word combinations originates from it, ‘Peak’ and ‘Youth’. The mascot relates Kolkheti pheasant connected with the legend on founding Tbilisi. The bird identifies speed and rapidity. P.E.A.K.Y made his debut on the 21st of January when he first appeared in public on the streets of the capital city, in connection with the International Hug Day. P.E.A.K.Y will take a visit into the Judo hall too throughout the week.

The Judo tournament will be held from July 28th to August 1st at the Judo Academy of Georgia with almost 300 youngsters who will all be in race to claim the top spot of the podium. A stage with two tatami will be placed in the competition area. The total stand capacity will be 800 seats. The training and warm-up area will be immediately adjacent to the competition area but properly screened off. This space will have two large tatami and two athletes’ changing rooms. Venue facilities also will include catering areas for visitors, a medical area and changing rooms with showers and washbasins for judokas’ usage. The venue also has dedicated rooms for European Judo, the LOC Judo, the competition secretariat, call room and volunteer area. The venue has been set up for EYOF 2015 in close collaboration with the Georgian Judo Federation in order to meet all requirements of European Judo Union.

EYOF Tbilisi 2015 – Competition Schedule

Tuesday, 28th of July (Female: -40/-44kg Male: -50/-55kg) START: 12:00 local time

Wednesday, 29th of July (Female: -48kg, Male:-60/-66kg) START: 11:00 local time

Thursday, 30th of July (Female: -52/-57kg, Male: -73kg) START: 11:00 local time

Friday, 31st of July (Female: -63/-70kg, Male: -81kg) START: 11:00 local time

Saturday, 1st of August (Female: +70kg, Male: -90/+90kg) START: 12:00 local time

Picture: tbilisi2015.com