19 April 2015


Junior European Judo Cup


On the 18th of April in Sport complex Jubileiniy of St. Petersburg (Russia)

there started Junior European Judo Cup among the sportsmen aged before 21.

During the first day of the tournament the strongest judkas from 18 European

countries and from Japan in the categories of 55, 60, 66, 73 (boys) and 44,48, 52,

57 (girls) competed for the first set of awards. Judokas from Scotland (included to

the team of Great Britain) and sportsmen from Bosnia and Herzegovina are taking

part in the tournament of the city on the banks of the Neva River for the first time.

– We are very lucky to be here, in Saint-Petersburg. The city is lovely, the

people are very friendly here, and the strongest sportsmen came to the competition,

– Scottish coach shares his impressions.

French debutants showed their best: Amina Abdelative, who for the first

time came to Saint-Petersburg as a coach, noticed, that the best expectations were

connected with Sephora Coher, 48 kg: “We are waiting for the victory”.

The hopes turned into reality: Sephora Coher got the golden award.

The coach of the Netherland’s team marked that a very strong team came to

Saint-Petersburg. He mentioned Amber Gersjes, who won in 44 kg. The second

golden medal went to Dewy Karthaus, 57 kg.

The largest amount of medals went to the Russian team – 16 awards (and 1

of them – golden). Japan got 5 awards. The teams of Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan

won three medals each. The winners are: Gurbanli Natig, 55 kg (AZE), Nagayama

Ryuju, 60 kg (JPN), Heydarov Hidayat, 73 kg (AZE), Amber Gersjes, 44 kg

(NED), Sephora Coher, 48 kg (FRA), Maeda Chishima, 52 kg (JPN), Dewy

Karthaus, 57 kg (NED).