10 December 2012

Four advisors installed in advisory board EJU

Four advisors installed in advisory board EJU

The advisory board of the European Judo Union was changed at the EJU Congress. The board advises the directing committee and executive bureau in important matters. From various fields of expertise advisors are added. Mark Lutz (EST) was already in the board as well as Eduard Doandes (ROU). Dr. Hans-Paul Kutschera was elected as vice President Marketing, so the board was added with four new members.

In the picture: Otto Kneitinger (r) accompanied of his successor Kutschea (L) and President SOloveychik (M).

Otto Kneitinger (GER)

Due to the new statutes Otto Kneitinger couldn’t be candidate anymore as Directing Committee members cannot be of the same country. Otto Kneitinger, who was vice president Marketing, served the EJU in two periods successfully and was therefore invited at the advisory board due to his excellent work over the past years so that further cooperation is possible in his field of expertise.

Kneitinger was awarded with a plaque of gratitude out of the hands of EJU President Sergey Soloveychik. An award for his successful period as Vice President Marketing and appreciation of the job well done over years in his second period as Vice President.

Ezio Gamba

Also invited for the board was Ezio Gamba (ITA), Russia’s general manager, the supervisor, who was so successful at the Olympic Games on behalf of the Russian Judo Federation claiming three gold medals, one silver and bronze with the Russian men’s team. Ezio Gamba was already one of the driving forces as coordinator of the coaches commission and will be a warm welcome of the advisory board.

Ivan Todorov

Ivan Todorov (SRB) is the President of the Serbian Judo Federation and president of the Balkan Judo Federation. Todorov is in the board of the National Olympic Committee and a well connected businessman in various fields of industries.

Mikhail Cherkasov

Mikhail Cherkasov (RUS) is vice president of the Russian Judo Federation and for years one of the appreciated partners of the European Judo Union with the International Judo Fund. He is well connected in Russia and a respected businessman. His views will be welcome in the advisory board for the EJU President Sergey Soloveychik.


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