8 June 2024


European Judo Championships Veterans 2024


By the end of the third day of the European Judo Championships Veterans 2024 France had collected another eight gold medals, bringing their current total tally to 64. With one more day to go in this championship, including the team events, this number is expected to rise, majorly surpassing everyone else. The ladies were out in force today and contributed greatly to this collection. Let’s hear from some of our winners.

Ludmila SVATON (CZE), F2 -57kg category

I feel super, this is my third time winning the veteran European title in a row. It was a heavy tournament for me with a bit of pressure because I am top ranked in the veterans. Despite, I was surprised to win, my opponents were strong. I have my family with me as well, my husband and my daughter. It was a great support emotionally having them here. I really enjoy these veteran events because of the atmosphere and the friendly environment.

Vanessa MARTIN (FRA), F3 -57kg category

I had a very good day, I am three times world champion for veterans but this is my first European gold medal. Finally. Tomorrow I will compete in the mixed team event, I am looking forward to it. I am really enjoying myself, the ambience and the competitors are with good mentality.

Catarina DINIZ (POR), F5 -57kg category

This is my 3rd europeans, I won two and got a second place. Today was really nice I was feeling very calm and the fights went really well. I am satisfied. Me and my coach hoping to go to the worlds but the cost is challenging but we are trying to manage to go, I hope we can. The tournament was really nice, the organisation, the logistics, the hotel, the warm up area…everything, all small details were taking care. I am enjoying my time in Sarajevo. I will join the Czechia team for the team event tomorrow which I am also excited about. It is great to be part of this championships at this age and feel good with all this great people who dedicate their time and life to do what we love to do.

Mirjana MARTINOVIC (MNE) F4 -63kg category

This is my first championship and I won gold, I am very happy. My judo club, my judoka and to represent my country is what motivated me to come here and compete. I hope to motivate other Montenegrin judoka to come to this event. I was the only one from our country and I won gold for that I am very happy.

Jessica ESCHENAUER (GER) F2 -70kg category

It was a great day I feel very good. Last year I won the world championships so the goal was to win here today too, especially becuase last year I was third at the Europeans. I am satisfied with today. I love fighting and I love judo, these are my motivation tools.

Dragos GOGU (ROU) M1 -100kg category

I am feeling very happy I am proud to make my country proud. My fights were difficult, especially the final I was a waza-ari down and then I managed to throw him for Ippon. I only became eligible to join this tournament this year and I really enjoyed it. I am a coach in my country and I want to motivate my judoka with this medal. Also, it was a great organisation, I used their spare judogi becuase I did not have the right back number and this judogi turned out be the lucky one [he laughs].

The last and final day of the European Judo Championships Veterans Sarajevo 2024 will deliver all actions from the following categories: Teams Women (30, 50), Teams Men (30, 50), Mixed Team (40), Ne-waza M4-6, F4-6, M7-9, F7-9. Watch the tournament live online via judotv.com.

Author: Szandra Szogedi