20 April 2014

France, Russia and Netherlands see Japanese win in St. Petersburg

European Cup Juniors

France, Russia and Netherlands see Japanese win in St. Petersburg

11th European Cup for juniors under 21 came to the end on the 20th of April in St-Petersburg Sport Hall “Yubileinyi”.

During the second day of the tournament on mat we can see boys 81, 90, 100, 100+ kg and girls 63,70,78,78+ kg. The winners are: Mikhail Igolnikov (RUS. 81 kg) , Michael Korrel (NED. 90 kg), Niyaz Ilyasov (RUS. 100 kg), Emre Sanal (FRA. + 100 kg), Nami Nabekura (JPN. 63 kg), Van Dijke Sanne Lisa(NED. 70 kg), Miyu Hama (JPN. 78 kg), Marine Erb (FRA. +78 kg) During the second day Russian team got 9 medals, Nederland and Japan 6 medals, France – 5, Ukraine and Germany -2, Croatia – 1. Total for the competition Russian team got 23 medals, Japan -12, France – 11, Nederland – 7, Kazakhstan – 4. In two days under Sport Hall “Yubileinyi” arches the anthem of the country of the Rising sun most of all sounded – ancestors of judo won 6 gold medals in St. Petersburg. The French juniors rose by the highest step of a podium 4 times and with enthusiasm sang the anthem of the country together with fans. Three gold medals got Russians. Netherlands team got 2 gold medals, Kazakhstan got 1 gold. European cup Internet translation from St. Petersburg within two days was looked by about 8 thousand fans of judo. Almost all participants of a junior European cup for three days remain in the city on Neva in training camp. text by Russian Judo Federation press centre