1 April 2014

French announce team for European Championships in Montpellier

European Championships

French announce team for European Championships in Montpellier

At a Press Conference in Paris, the French Judo Federation have announced the team for the European Championships in Montpellier. The Championships will be held from 24-27 April with the last day traditionally for the teams.

EJU President Sergey Soloveychik and EJU Vice President Sports Michal Vachun were invited to give their views on the forthcoming main event for Europe. The Press Conference was hosted by FF Judo with President Jean-Luc Rougé. France hosts the individual European Championship for the first since 2001. Rouge: “We expect great judoka in the splendid Montpellier Arena, which is a perfect match for an outstanding event. The large audience can enjoy and admire the best performances and they will support our national team.” EJU President Soloveychik: “The EJU welcomes the European Championships back in France, in this year which is marked with the 50th anniversary of Olympic judo as well as with the beginning of Olympic qualification for Rio 2016. Hosted by Jean-Luc Rougé, a four times European Champion, we trust that 13 years after Paris together we will deliver the best event at a new spectacular level. Last year in Budapest the French won twelve medals, among them four European titles were achieved by Pavia U57, Agbenenou U63 and Louette U78 in the women’s category and Riner in the men’s heavyweight. They can all defend their titles. French women -48 kg : Amandine BUCHARD, Red Star Champigny -52 kg : Pénélope BONNA, FLAM -57 kg : Automne PAVIA, US Orléans Loiret Judo Jujitsu -63 kg : Clarisse AGBEGNENOU, Judo Club Escales -70 kg : Gévrise EMANE, Levallois Sporting Club -70 kg : Fanny Estelle POSVITE, Alliance judo Limoges -78 kg : Lucie LOUETTE, FLAM 91 -78 kg : Audrey TCHEUMEO, Villemomble Sports Judo +78 kg : Emilie ANDEOL, Red Star Champigny French men -60 kg : Vincent LIMARE, JC Maisons Alfort -66 kg : David LAROSE, Sainte Geneviève Sports -73 kg : Ugo LEGRAND, US Orléans Loiret Judo Jujitsu -81 kg : Loïc PIETRI, ACBB Boulogne -66 kg : Loïc KORVAL, ACBB -81 kg : Alain SCHMITT, Levallois Sporting Club -90 kg : Alexandre IDDIR, Levallois Sporting Club -100 kg : Cyrille MARET, Levallois Sporting Club +100 kg : Teddy RINER, Levallois Sporting Club You can download the draft list of the participants in the upper right corner