9 January 2024



With the new year rolling in, we think of ways in which we can improve ourselves, which behaviours to change and what to continue. In line with the Education Department’s monthly theme, we focus on Jita Kyoei and pro-activity. Jita Kyoei is defined as the mutual growth of the individual and the community, mutual respect and progress.

For athletes, one of, if not the most paramount thing is to be ‘clean’. Now this usually focuses on anti-doping, fairness between athletes, all chasing the same goal and given the same opportunity to reach it, cheating it simply out of the question. Moreover, each and every athlete knows how difficult it is to become a high performance athlete and within this sport we can boast of our moral values that keep the playing field, level, demonstrating sportsmanship.

There are many protocols athletes must adhere to, knowing how to cooperate fully with WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency), and the process of ADAMS (Anti-Doping Administration & Management System) in order for randomised and accurate periodic testing. For all, this is a case of education. The WADA website, coaches, national organisations and many others are available to assist with this, and in 2023, the IJF team stepped in during the Odivelas Junior World Championships to instil these values and responsibilities as early as possible.

IJF Anti-Doping Commissioner, Andrea EMBER is driven to educate the judo community on their responsibilities, contacting athletes, coaches and doctors. In the past, the Mittersill OTC in Austria was a perfect location for Ember to also work one on one with coaches and athletes, but finding ways to access the younger generations and educating them early is a huge win.

Find an up-to-date list of the prohibited substances from WADA here.

Author: Thea Cowen