14 September 2023


EJU Education Commission meeting


The agenda of the EJU Education Commission Meeting in The Hague was packed. For two days, a wealth of projects and topics were dealt with. An overview of the most important topics currently occupying EJU Vice-President Sergei ASCHWANDEN and his team:

o Oscar DELCASTILLO-ANDRES, professor at the University of Seville, presented his Safe Fall project. The Spaniard has been working with the EJU since 2016. The World Health Organisation confirms the risk of child accidents. With preventive “Safe Fall” judo ukemi courses, the risk of injury can be greatly reduced. Oscar delCastillo-Andres recommends lobbying relevant stakeholders (such as medical staff, insurance companies, sports teachers, etc.) with the inclusion of scientific evidence. Second measure to bring about improvements: central storage of data (EJU Scientific Commission).
A “Safe Fall” seminar was held by Professor del Castillo-Andres at the University of Brighton (GBR) in February, and another seminar is planned at his home university in Seville at the end of November. The “Safe Falls, Safe Schools” programme will be presented in detail at the EU Safety Congress in Reykjavik /ISL (5/6 October).

o The target group for “Judo For Children” includes everyone under 18 years of age who do not participate in the EJU Cadets, Juniors Tour or in other high-level IJF competitions. The training programme is to be offered through judo clubs as well as schools. Objectives: Establishment of a community, fundraising, best practice examples as downloads, ongoing workshops and events.

o There is a total of three Erasmus+ projects currently related to judo: Jita Kyoei 2, European Week of Judo Values and newly funded JOY; a fourth, “Data”, is on the waiting list and will be submitted again next year. The EJU is trying to get even more involved in the projects within the next years. During the EU Sports Week – 23 – 30 September – the “European Week of Judo Values” project will organise multiple events and workshops in LISBON (POR), RIJEKA (CRO) and LJUBLJANA (SLO). The main event on 28th of September will be LIVE-STREAMED on the EJU YouTube channel.

o EJU Executive Committee member Kristiina PEKKOLA sees great opportunities for growth in the field of Kata. On 15 and 16 September, there will be a kata seminar in Madrid, including a referee examination and a kata tournament (16.9.). In the medium term, the EJU Kata Tour is to include up to seven stations. Children’s competitions are planned as well. Slavisa BRADIC is aiming to include Kata competitions for university students under the organisation of EUSA, which could bring us more public attention leading to more events on the long run.

o In the field of Adapted Judo the first test event for the “EJU Get Together Tour” will be held from 24 to 26 November in VENRAY (NED). The tour is scheduled to start in 2024 and will include six tournaments. The Adapted Judo Rules are already validated and will be sent to the National Federations by the end of September. During the 2024 EJU Get Together Tour, the rules will be re-validated and amended if necessary.

o An EJU e-learning platform is being set up with the aim, among other things, of handling the licensing process for coaches via the platform.

Author: EJU Media