13 September 2023


EJU Kata Judges Seminar and Kata Tournament Madrid 2023


The EJU Kata Commission is constantly working on further developments, which included hosting a Kodokan Kata seminar during the summer. The Kata family will reconvene this weekend at the Spanish capital for another edition of EJU Kata Judges Seminar and EJU Kata Tournament. 

EJU Kata Judges Seminar

Until now, there was an annual kata judge seminar. However, with the robust elaboration on increasing the number of tournaments, a larger number of kata judges must accompany. 

That is why we will have a seminar at every official competition. – said Head Kata Commissioner, Mr. Slaviša Bradić

Amongst several topics and discussing criteria’s of three kata groups (Nage-No-Kata, Katame-No- Kata and Kime-No-Kata), analysis of championships is also part of the agenda. Each candidate allowed to be examined for two Kata. The course will be based on theory, video analysis and practice. The two-day seminar will include practical examination too. Mr. Bradić further explains;

The seminar is intended for existing and new kata judges, but of course we also welcome competitors and coaches, because the understanding of the rules as well as the interaction between kata judges, coaches and competitors is excellent for the quality development of the rules.

For the first time in history, we introduced the CARE system, which is a big step for improving the quality of judges and competitions. Feedback from competitors and coaches is great. But that’s just the beginning because we intend to make the rules even more comprehensible. 

EJU Kata Tournament Madrid 2023 

On Saturday, besides the seminar, an EJU Kata tournament will also take place. Three age group will be eligible to take part, cadet, junior and senior. The tournament will be held at Pabellón Polideportivo Francisco Valcárcel stadium. Competitors from 14 countries and two continents are landing in Madrid, which will certainly contribute to the quality of the event. 

The Kata recognized for this tournament, will be five for seniors: 

There will be three (3) categories recognized for this junior tournament:

There will be one category for the cadet tournament: 

• Nage-no-Kata (3 sets – Te Waza, Koshi Waza and Ashi Waza)

The up-to-date version of “IJF Criteria for Kata Evaluation 2022” will be used to judge the Kata with reference also to the official Kodokan edition of Textbook. 

Head Kata Commissioner, Mr. Slaviša Bradić, explained the changes the team have been working on for next year and beyond.

This year, we are starting with the experimental introduction of the ranking list for kata judges and competitors, and the official start of ranking will begin next year. 
I think this is a great indicator and guideline for the introduction of the EJU Kata Tour next year. Entries for this new competition are beyond expectations.

Next year we will start the EJU Kata tour with the aim of improving the kata competition. We will create ranking lists of competitors and kata judges, which will also contribute to the tracking of kata competitions. The best will be specially awarded at the end of the year.
The plan for working with children and young people should definitely be emphasized, because in cooperation with other commissions, we want to introduce kata activities (not only competitions) into the judo educational curriculum for children.

Provisional schedule for the EJU Kata Tournament Madrid 2023 © EJU

Author: Szandra Szogedi