25 June 2015


European Games


George KERR – EJU guest and 10th Dan:

“To have the Europeans every fours years with the European Games is a good idea. Regarding judo’s development as a games event it is incredible. Judo wouldn’t be what it is now had it not been for its inclusion in the games– the whole concept of judo fits wonderfully within the spirit of the games.”

Vladimir BARTA – EJU guest and IJF Head Sports Director:

“ It is always a pleasure to be with the judo family especially as a former European official.”


“At this Gala its very nice to meet so many people, have nice chats. With regard to the European Games it is a very exciting feeling. I am looking forward to this event.”

Patrick Roux – EJU expert:

“I am very thankful to be here alongside so many high level judoka. That shows that there is a lot of interest in the EJU expert project. As our slogan says: Judo is more than sport.”

Ilias ILIADIS (GRE) – Current World Champion -90kg:

“I feel very good and I am happy that I was invited to the gala. I think that these kind of events are important for the judo family.”

Neil ADAMS – EJU expert and TV-Commentator:

“Everybody is looking forward to the European Game. I think it is a good thing that the European championships are part of the European Games.”

Avtandili TCHRIKISHVILI (GEO) – Current World Champion -81kg:

“I am so happy to be invited for the Gala and for the prize as the Best European Male Judoka 2014. Concerning the European Games – it is so important for me. I trained hard and I want to win here.”

TOTH Krisztian (HUN) – World silver medallist -90kg:

“It was a big surprise to be invited here for the Gala. I like this kind of atmosphere and also the fact that I get to wear an elegant suit! The European Games will be a real test for me because I had a knee injury.”

Annamaria FRIDRICH (HUN) – IJF Referee:

“It is a beautiful place here for the Gala. These events are important. I feel very comfortable because I am here with the judo family. Concerning the competition I expect great and exciting fights.”

Simone CALLENDER – Sport Competition Manager, Heydar Aliyev Arena:

“For me as an organiser with BEGOC it is exciting to see how the preparations from the last months are working. Everybody worked hard to offer the best conditions. I am looking forward to this historical event. The fact that the visually impaired are also competing here makes it even more special.”

All Award Winners


Best European Male Judoka 2014: Avtandili TCHRIKISHVILI (GEO)

Best European Female Judoka 2014: Majlinda KELMENDI (IJF/KOS)

Best European Junior Male Judoka 2014: Krisztián TÓTH (HUN)

Best European Junior Female Judoka 2014: Amandine BUCHARD (FRA)

Best Team 2014: French Women Team

Best European Men’s Coach 2014: IraklI UZNADZE (GEO)

Best European Women’s Coach 2014: Martine DUPOND (FRA)

Best European Event 2014: EC Montpellier (awarded to the French Judo Federation)

Best European Organiser 2014: Polish Judo Association (for EC U23 Wroclaw)

European Judo Personality: Teddy RINER (FRA) and Ilias ILIADIS (GRE)

Most Progressive European Male Referee 2014: Mr. Vincent DRUAUX (FRA)

Most Progressive European Female Referee 2014: Ms. Annamaria FRIDRICH (HUN)


Gold EJU plaque of appreciation to INTRATOOL

Gold EJU plaque of appreciation to International Judo Fund

Gold EJU plaque of appreciation to adidas

Gold EJU plaque of appreciation to Green Hill

Silver EJU plaque of appreciation to Noris

Silver EJU plaque of appreciation to My Backnumber

Bronze EJU plaque of appreciation to Materik

Bronze EJU plaque of appreciation to HIKU

Bronze EJU plaque of appreciation to Judo Fashion


Science Award: Mr. Luis Monteiro (POR) Winner of the Poster Exhibition 2014

Best European Kata Achievement 2014: Mr. Dax-Romswinkel Wolfgang and Ms. Loosen Ulla (GER) as the First EJU pair winning the Kata World Champion title (Malaga, Spain 2014)

Best Education Event 2014: Czech Judo Federation (For the organisation of the Veterans European Championship 2014)

Best Education Seminar 2014: Turkish Judo Federation (For the organisation of the first Judo Festival, Antalya 2014)


Services in the Medical Field for Judo in 2014: Dr. Arnold Brons (NED) as responsible for the tagging of all the Judo injuries in our EJU activities which were reviewed in our Medical Seminar.


Contribution to the EJU projects & programms 2014: Ezio Gamba (ITA), Hiroshi Katanishi (SUI), Didier Janicot (FRA), Jean-Pierre Gibert (FRA), Jane Bridge-Charlot (GBR), Patrick Roux (FRA) – the EJU experts who have developed seminar programme and methodological materials for the Judo For School and Improve Your Club projects. 

Contribution to the hosting of an International Judo event 2014: to the Tyumen region (RUS) for hosting the ECCO Judo Team Challenge event.