1 August 2010

German team wins European Cup in Prague

German team wins European Cup in Prague

The second day of the Junior European Cup in Prague was dominated by Slovenian young women who won two gold medals, and German young men who won as well two gold medals.

Vlora Bedzeti of Slovenia scored yuko in the final match U63kg while her
opponent from Poland received three warnings for inactivity.
Avtandil Tchrikishvili of Georgia won all his fights U81kg before the time limit.
In the final he armlocked Pacek of Sweden in just 19 seconds.

Kim Seong-Jeon of Korea was a yuko down in the U70kg final match against Anne Ritt (GER) but eventually Kim won by throwing the German woman for ippon with a tani-otoshi.

Simon Glockner (GER) threw Giuliano Loporchio (ITA) in the U90kg final match for ippon with a beautiful o-soto-gari.

Urska Gracner of Slovenia won the final U78kg by a great throw against her Croatian opponent with a text-book ippon-seoi-nage.

The final U100kg was wasn’t decided for a long time but with ten seconds to go Karl Richard Frey of Germany overcame Yacov Mamistvalov of Israel by waza-ari and won the category.

Two German girls fought in +78kg final. Claudia Probst won the final match by scoring waza-ari with a counter technique against Jasmin Kuelbs.

Daniel Allerstorfer (AUT) defeated Szabolcs Gombar (HUN) with uchi mata for waza-ari and won the heaviest category.

Germany won the medal tally winning five gold medals. Georgia won three, Austria, Korea and Slovenia two titles. Israel unfortunatel lost three finals as well as Italy, but Italy already won a gold medal on Saturday. The three Italian winners of their finals: 16-year old Angelina Bombara (1-U44), 15-year old Fabio Basile (3-U55) and Odette Giuffrida aged 15 (3-U52) were the youngest three medallists. This says enough about the storm we can expect coming from Italy.