7 July 2024


Tallinn European Open 2024


Though there was success in the -81kg category from Vladimir STARK (GER) who beat Mo VAN DUN (NED), and a huge success story for Fabrycjusz TARKOWSKI (POL) who defeated not only Randel PAASTEL (EST) but also the crowd in a tremendous head to head, there will be no final as unfortunately Tarkowski suffered an injury.

Top seed of the -52kg category, Annika WURFEL (GER) succeeded in defending her ranking position in the tournament, and defeated Mathilde CHEVALIER (FRA) to take her place in the final. Just over half way in to the contest she sensed the moment on the ground and secured the osae komi. It will be Italy’s Martina CASTAGNOLA taking on Wurfel, and there was a theme in the -52kg semi finals as Castagnola also took the win in ne waza against Anna BORODINA (UKR).

Annika WURFEL (GER) © Rui Telmo Romão

Mark VAN DIJK (NED), another number one seed, secured his place in the -90kg final, defeating Fabian KANSY (GER). It took time to find the perfect entry but with a minute and a half left on the clock, a drop sode tsurikomi goshi brought Van Dijk the win. After defeating one German entry, he must face another in the final. Johann LENZ had the unfortunate job of fighting team mate Lasse SCHRIEVER in the opposite semi final, throwing with soto makikomi, it was sure to be a score, but the movement had also caused Schirever to submit as he was thrown, seemingly picking up an injury.

Another top seed, Pleuni CORNELISSE (NED) made her way in to the final of the -57kg category, beating Anastasiia CHYZHEVSKA (UKR), throwing initially with sasae tsurikomi ashi before working her magic on the ground. Zana ZIEGLER (GER) had a tough time on the other side of the draw, meeting Flaka LOZHA (KOS) in the semi final, and picking up two shidos within a minute. Now the pressure was on, and the pair went back and forth in ne waza but in the end, Ziegler was able to tie up her opponent on the ground to go in to her second continental open final.

Tim SCHMIDT (GER) © Rui Telmo Romão

The leading man in the -100kg category, and Junior European Champion, Jean CARLETTI (ITA) was surprised by quarter final opponent, Silvan BULTHUIS (NED), who continued right the way through to the final today. The Italian opposition was no match for Bulthuis, who also defeated Enrico BERGAMELLI (ITA) in the semi final, initially scoring with a very low kata guruma, then confirming the win with an o soto gari entry that changed direction for a harai makikomi. On the other side of the draw, Tim SCHMIDT (GER) was close to being sent to the bronze medal contest after Maksims DUINOVS (LAT) scored with sumi gaeshi, but in the next exchange, Schmidt executed a sumi gaeshi of his own to even the score. It turned out to be the technique of the contest as the German athlete repeated his attempt for the win.

Giannis ANTONIOU (CYP) was looking on good form in the +100kg category, but the strength of his Estonian semi finalist, Karl PRIILINN TURK, was fuelled by the home support. The pair went back and forth, with possible scores deliberated for both athletes, however a seoi nage allowed Turk to move directly in to the osae komi, which Antoniou submitted from. It could be a battle of the ne waza skills in the final of the +100kg men, as Jonas SCHREIBER (GER) displayed his abilities against Patryk BRONIEC (POL), though his Polish opponent escaped the first attempt, plan B was executed to secure the hold and his semi final win.


Author: Thea Cowen