30 October 2011

Germany unstoppable at European Cup in Boras

Germany unstoppable at European Cup in Boras

Germany is doing good business at the European Cup in Boras. In two days the Germans collected three gold medals, three silver and four bronze medals. Six other countries distributed the remaining gold medals. The Netherlands didn’t win gold but lost three finals.
On Sunday the last day of the European Cup takes place.

The German women however collected most of the medals: Martyna Trajdos (U63kg) who won the German final against Svea Schwaebe. Szaundra Diedrich won the second German final against Melanie Gerber U70kg. Jana Stucke was able to defeat Dutch Jennifer Kuijpers U78kg. Sara Alvarez hit back with a good gold medal in Boras after she suffered a long injury at the World Junior Championships in 2009. This year in Celje she was able to win bronze, but this was her first important gold medal again. Alvarez is still 20 years young and one of the promising and needed talents of Spain.

Agata Perenc won gold for Poland U57kg defeating Shareen Richardson (NED). This year in Celje she lost the final of the European Cup.

Host Sweden was able to win the U100kg category by Martin Pacek. The oldest (24) of the two succcessful brothers was victorious over Dutch Tobias Mol.
Sweden’s pride Marcus Nyman lost his second bout against French Vincent Massimino but won bronze U90kg after all.
Ciril Grossklaus of Switzerland won this weight category in the final against Massimino.
Tom Davis won gold for Great Britain U81kg, his first European Cup gold. Last year he won bronze in Boras. Last year Tom Reed won this class, now he finished third. Robin Pacek won bronze, Dimitri Gomes (FRA) lost the final to Davis.
Romanian Vladut Simionescu won gold on Friday against European U23 Champion Andre Breitbarth (GER). Simionescu recently collected the heavyweight title in his country.

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