19 September 2023



Between the 20th and 22nd of September, the city of Gijon, Spain, will be the host of the European Sport Congress. This is the inaugural event dedicated to increasing the impact and visibility of sport projects.

In their statement regarding what they hope to achieve, they outline the importance of partnerships, communicating the results of promoted inclusion, diversity, education and active lifestyles.

This weekend it will be discussed how the European Sport Congress will give an opportunity for institutions with Erasmus+ Sport funded projects, researchers, organisations and individuals with an interest in sports to disseminate, network, and learn.

On behalf of the European Judo Union, EJU Erasmus+ Projects Commissioner, Katja RUDAS will be in attendance.

Our mission is to enhance EJU’s visibility, forge meaningful partnerships, and delve deeper into the Erasmus+ Sport programme. It’s all about amplifying the impact and visibility of sport projects. I hope that you will join us in celebrating sport’s role in fostering inclusion, diversity, and active lifestyles.

We look forward to working with the European Sport Congress team to push judo further than ever before. Follow the agenda and more at https://sportcongress.eu.

Author: Thea Cowen