4 November 2023


European Judo Championships Seniors Montpellier 2023


Kavan Majidi, -73 kg, member of the IJF Refugee Team, was particularly looking forward to the trip from Edinburgh to the European Championships in Montpellier. “I have good memories of France in general and Paris especially. A doctor put me up with him and his family for a few days. I would like to visit him if I can manage it somehow. He was the first person to really help me on my escape – from Iran to Glasgow.”
The 23-year-old (Iranian) Kurd travelled more than 1,300 km, most of it on foot. “I was travelling for three months, I couldn’t imagine what was waiting for me.”
The all-clear only came in Scotland. “I was helped. I was given judogis as a gift and was accepted into the Refugee Team.” He has been dreaming of the Olympic dream ever since. “I’ve already been to World Championships. Now I’m at the European Championships in France, then the Olympics in Paris next year..”
Kavan Majidi is supposed to be a fixed starter for the IJF Refugee Team in Paris. By then, at the latest, he will be able to meet the French doctor again.

The secretly hoped-for first victory of an IJF Refugee Team member at the European Championships in Montpellier did not come true: Kavan Majidi was defeated by Petru Pelivan (MDA) with Ippon.

Author: EJU Media