30 April 2011

Good start for Italy at European Cup U20 in Lignano

Good start for Italy at European Cup U20 in Lignano

This weekend the European Cup for juniors U20 years is held in Lignano Palagetur. The tournament is actually a continuation of the 29. Tarcento Trophy and now turned into the European Cup for juniors.

The event records a presence of 437 athletes from 26 nations. Italy is leading the medal tally with Massimiliano Carollo the winner U73kg. The Italian team, led by Nicola Moraci, Laura Di Toma and Raffaele Toniolo, also won the silver medal in the U60kg category by Fabio Basile and two bronze medals for Matthew Medves (U60) and Antonio Esposito (U66).

The national anthem of Brazil was for Gabriel Lima, who won the gold in the U55kg category. Slovakia won gold by means of Matej Poliak (U60kg). Poland’s Damian Szwarnowiecki won gold U66kg. Important for the Italian team, even the seventh place for Matthieu Giacomello (U66) and Alessandro De Luca (U73).

In the women’s division Italy won gold in the category +78kg by Elisa Marchiò. Italy won silver U78kg by Linda Politi. This put Italy in front of Brazil (1-3-1), Holland (1-1-1) and Poland (1-0-3).
On Sunday the heavy male categories (81-90-100 and +100) and light female categories (44-48-52-57) will compete.

Find the pictures of the event here:

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