29 April 2012

Green Hill signs Judogi Master Supplier contract with EJU

Green Hill signs Judogi Master Supplier contract with EJU

At Friday a conference was organised with all national presidents and the EJU suppliers. The EJU is proud to present new sponsors and signed contracts with its suppliers.
EJU President Sergey Soloveychik, Vice President Marketing Otto Kneitinger and EJU Treasurer Laszlo Toth were present to sign the agreement with Green Hill as Judogi Master Supplier.
Present for the signing on behalf of the new Judogi Master Supplier Green Hill was Managing Director Jahangir Riaz.

President Soloveychik stated to al present National Federation president that the EJU and its partners are open for discussion and find the way how suppliers can help the national federations.
“We organise good cooperation with the national federations which in the mutial benefit for NFs and suppliers.”

Managing Director Jahangir Riaz: “Thanks to all presidents and Green Hill is happy to have an agreement with the EJU. Green Hill is based in Hamburg but as well offices in the USA, Russia, South Africa and The Arab Emirates. No other company is able to deliver the quality we produce. Green Hill made the judogi according to the IJF rules. The new model is the best model available in the market.”

Marketing Director Green Hill Dennis Meijer explained more about the company and the fabric. “As former athlete at world level he knows what is needed. Two ambassadors of the company are Alexander Mikhailine (RUS) and Georgii Zantaraia (UKR) and claimed the best quality, price and service all beneficial for the federations and the associated clubs.”

“We have a unique partnership with MyBacknumber to serve the judogi with the backnumber in distribution of both products.”
Vice President marketing Otto Kneitinger thanked Green Hill for the partnership as Judogi Master Supplier. The vice president marketing said: “The EJU has created a new system which respects the IJF rules and we have made a good offering for suppliers to give back value to the suppliers such as Green Hill.”

Meijer added: “Green Hill offers a free web shop to federations and the clubs so that revenue flows back into the federations and clubs and into judo. Green Hill takes care of production and distribution and the payment system.”

President Soloveychik: “It is difficult to get a common condition for each national federation, but now each federation can contact the supplier to customise the national product and create for yourself and all the clubs a beneficial situation.”

EJU Treasury Laszlo Toth congratulated the new Judogi Master Supplier on behalf of the EJU for the new contract. “It is a common interest for both us. Europe is a great and large market. It will be a good market for all suppliers and we will share common interest where quality, price and service are essential.”

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